Digital Dividend Review statement

Ofcom has issued a statement setting out what it describes as one of the most important decisions we have ever made: how to award the spectrum freed up by digital switchover, the digital dividend, for new users. The decision matters because the spectrum to be freed up is exceptional in that it can readily be . . . → Read More: Digital Dividend Review statement

Licence-exemption framework review

The UK regulator, Ofcom, has published a statement on the framework for managing spectrum used by licence-exempt devices. The Spectrum Framework Review sets out Ofcom’s overall strategy for the management of spectrum through a market-based approach. In line with their duty to maximise the value and efficiency derived from the spectrum, the SFR suggests that . . . → Read More: Licence-exemption framework review

I’ve got my Amateur Radio Licence – Finally :-)

Yes, I can’t quite believe it but, after my call to OfCom yesterday, and then an email off to the RSGB as well, I got a reply telling me that they had just done the detail transfer over to OfCom and that if I retried they were sure I’d be successful this time.

So, I . . . → Read More: I’ve got my Amateur Radio Licence – Finally 🙂

I’ve got my Amateur Radio Licence – close but no cigar :-(

Well, after being a little bit hacked off this morning I decided to contact OfCom to see if there were any problems with my application and/or my candidate number, and to my suprise I got hold of a very helpful bloke who said that all was ok and we started going through my choices of . . . → Read More: I’ve got my Amateur Radio Licence – close but no cigar 🙁

Oh when will I get my radio licence?

This is the question I’ve been asking myself and others since Thursday when I passed my Foundation Amateur Radio exam.

The process is apparently as follows – On the night we took the exam the papers were marked and we got our results, then the papers were sent by post to the RSGB

. . . → Read More: Oh when will I get my radio licence?

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