The Apprentice 2012 (UK) – Jane McEvoy – seen on Apprentice previously

Ever usince the first episode of The Apprentice 2012 (UK) I thought I recognised Jane McEvoy (Who was fired in episode 4) from somewhere….. and then I remembered, she was in an episode of The Apprentice Ireland (Season 3 Episode 9) as she was the owner of one of the Irish companies (McEvoy Family Foods) who’s products were re-branded and marketed to Spar, and she had quite a few things to say about the pitch and branding from what I can remember, so for anyone who is interested here’s a link to part of the episode she was in 2 years ago in The Apprentice Ireland S03E09 part 2

Now, I wonder if her involvement with The Apprentice Ireland might have helped her with getting on to The Apprentice (UK) ? Or indeed by the state of the package design they had in the Spar task they maybe should have thought twice 😉



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