Twitter network fail

Today at around 1pm utc Twitter crashed out and hasn’t returned yet, at least to me. There have been some reports that people using tools such as the Seesmic desktop have been able to continue tweeting, but for me using Tweetdeck on the iPhone every just comes back as a big fat fail 🙁

Here’s hoping that they are able to pull the service back together soon, and when they so, please follow us @roamerdotcom 🙂

Update as of 16:19 BST

Twitter is current under a denial of service attack, their last update on the Twitter status page suggests that the site is back up, but currently I’m still unable to get any response in Tweetdeck or their main website.

Update as of 17:10 BST

It looks as if Twitter has returned, although if they are still under a ddos attack we could lose service anytime, but for the moment it’s back, and I’ve got Tweetdeck back and functioning well.



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