iPhone 3gs – more data device, less phone

Since getting my iPod Touch 2g back in March, the only thing that bugged me was that if I needed to use it outside the range of a usable wifi point I had to start Joiku on my Nokia N95, which worked well but also ran my N95 battery down quickly – and my N95 barely lasts a 12 hour day lol. So, I came to the decision that I wanted an IPhone, and it just so happened that the new iPhone 3gs was going to launch a few weeks after deciding to buy one 🙂 not long to wait, but, contract or pay and go?

After a lot of weighing up options, I came to the conclusion that pay and go was the way to go. You see, I’ve got a great contract with Orange – after being a customer for 14 years! LoL – so I really only wanted to use it as a data device, and, as O2 in the UK give 12 months free Web and WiFi it was a no brainer. Now the other reason for not wanting to take a contract was that Apple’s release cycle for the iPhone seems to be about every 12 months, and I didn’t want to be stuck with 6 months to run when the next iPhone comes out. I decided that as I’d get on fine with my 8gb iPod touch, I’d just get the 16gb 3gs instead of the 32gb version. On Pay and Go the phone sadly was £441, plus a minimum £10 top up to be able to activate the free Web & WiFi, so it ended up costing me £451. This of course is a lot of money to spend out, but as I’ll be wanting to upgrade as soon as the next version comes out I’ll keep this one in good shape by using a full screen protector, and a Belkin skin and then sell it on eBay boxed with all the original parts for probably £300 depending on price drops in the meantime, so the next upgrade will probably end up costing me around £150, and for that I’ll have the latest version with web access for another 12 months – as longer as they keep offering it of course).

All on all, it’s worked out very well, and now my only other decision is which phone I should replace my Nokia N95 with, as it’s looking worse for wear and I’m overdue a free upgrade by quite a few months lol.

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