Long time no typing

Well, here I am, 9 months or so since I last posted up on here, mainly due to the fact that I’ve been getting stuck in to a new development system at my day job, and it’s taken me away from doing alot of things, but now i’m going to start dedicating some time to posting new topics on here, and a few new things besides.

I’m currently looking into the technical aspects of setting up a podcast using Skype to do the voip conference calling, headset/microphone selection which i know TheDoc will have something to say about, and loads of other things as well. I’m homing in on the Plantronics DSP-550 as the headset choice currently, but i’m still open to suggestions from anyone out there, as i’m a noob at the tech side of podcasting. Also any ideas on the recording side of things, which Skype recorder would you recommend?

Answers on a postcard please 🙂

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