Amazon aStore on your own domain – Search Engine Friendly too!

Hi all,

Ok, after a long time of debating this, I’m finally at a point where, in a few days, I want a few people to beta test a new piece of software, and hopefully a lot of people out there who use Amazon’s astore offering will like the sound of it.

As we all know, ever since Amazon launched astore, the problem has always been how to make the store appear on an actual domain instead of the normal or domain. Alot of people use the iFrame method, which – although it allows you to integrate it successfully – doesn’t allow search engines to traverse your store at all, thus you will never get any traffic from search engines. also you can’t integrate any advertising systems into the astore to generate extra revenue.

These are some major hang-ups to people making money without having to have the technical know how to write their own solution, or having to pay $99 for a product such as Associate-o-Matic – In itself a very good product – but what if you could “domain-ize” your Amazon astore for a much smaller outlay? sound good? then read on 🙂

I have developed a piece of software, which is still in alpha testing, but soon to be released to a small beta group. This software will allow you to have your Amazon astore on your own domain, have advertising units to generate extra income, and all for much less than any other system out there right now. This will give you a fully crawlable store, so that with a bit of extra content per section – which it will also let you put it, you should get some good search engine results 🙂

So, I’d like to offer this software out to the first 5 people who comment for free as long as I get some good user feedback, and of course I’ll give the 5 people full support to get them up and running 🙂

So please, if you’re interested in it, comment below with an email address and the first 5 will definately be the beta testers, oh, and if anyone can come up with a name for the product, the person who comes up with the best name will get a copy free of charge once it’s released, and of course we’ll use your suggestion as the product name 🙂


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