Virgin Media – Customer Dis-Services

Well, hopefully this will be my last ever posting about Virgin Media.

I was going through my credit card bill yesterday, and found that they had charged my for a month after I’d switched to my new provider ….. so a phonecall was is order.

First customer service rep I talked to seemed to be helpful, put me on hold for a moment, and then the phone was picked up again, I was asked for my telephone number and hay presto – I was told that it wasn’t a Virgin Media Telephone number – well no, I was ringing up for an ADSL billing problem LoL – then she forced me to take down a number for their customer services – the one which I had already rung, and yes, she was telling me that I had to ring back…… not a happy bunny ….. I basically said that she was the second person I had talke to and that I’d like her to redirect my enquiry back to someone who can deal with an ADSL billing query…. hold music …. don’t you just hate hold musak?

So, finally I get through to someone, and they sem to be helpful, after asking why my “transaction date” had changed to the 27th in Feb instead of the 28th which it had been for ages, he said he didn’t know (no surprise there I guess), and I asked why they had taken a payment on the 28th Feb when I’d switched to my new provider on the 12th Feb, he said that it was basically because my contract billing date was the 26th of the month, and they’d therefore billing me until my end date of the 28th – great, ok, fine, contract is a contract, but then if that was the case then why was has the transaction date changed? dunno was the response….

And then, the greatest Virgin Media money maker (whilst customers are leaving them), are you reading closely? THEY DON’T REFUND UNLESS THE CUSTOMER SPECIFICALLY ASKS FOR IT. Yes, you heard me correctly, if YOU don’t ring them, THEY will not give you YOUR money back. I questioned this policy with them and he stated that they couldn’t do it as they didn’t know where the money should be paid back to as they wouldn’t know if a card was still valid or not – very odd, since they’d just TAKEN money from MY credit card, so they KNEW it was valid, and he also stated that if they took payment via Direct Debit that they couldn’t refund to a DD – why he was telling me this I’ll never know, but he seemed to need to tell me even though I’d only EVER paid by credit card, and therefore a refund was never an issue to them. Also if giving a refund was such a minefield – wy didn’t they try making contact with myself and find out where I would like MY money refunded to? He said it wasn’t their policy to do so, and it was up to the customer to contact them to gain their refund.

I told him to refund onto the card and also told him that I was VERY glad to have moved away from Virgin Media, I mean, they have kept hold of money that hould hae been refunded to me for over a month, and think about how many other people may be in the same situation as me currently, and how many of them do you think will know that they have to contact them in order to gain the refund that they are entitled to? not many, and so Virgin Media are able to stash this cash and earn interest from it, but of course when you get a refund you don’t get the interest on the money you are owed as well, so as far as Virgin Media goes, it’s a win win situation for them.

Thankfully, I’m away from Virgin Media now, and am very glad, my own company is now supplying a great service to myself, and I will soon be launching this service to the general public, at a good price, for a good service and a good transfer limit with a HUGE off-peak usage as well. Keep reading, or indeed subscribe to the feed in order to find out more when it launches 🙂


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