Scribe – The Symbian S60 Blogging Client

Every now and again i search through Google to see if anyone has released a new blogging client for Symbian devices. Previously I found Wavelog, but as a paid for piece of software after a few days using it in trial mode I came to the conclusion that (for me at least) it wasn’t worth it.

Today on my searches round Google today i came across Scribe a blogging client written for PyS60 (Python for Symbian S60). Now, currently I’m writing this post on my Nokia N95 and i’m feeling quite happy about using Scribe right now. It doesn’t have any way of being able to upload images as far as i’ve seen, but this maybe a limitation of the interface used to communicate with WordPress.

I’m going to continue using Scribe and see how it goes over the coming days and weeks whilst I’m out and about, and will keep posting about it as I go.

it would be great to get comments from any other Symbian bloggers who are using Scribe or any other blogging tools which i haven’t come across yet 🙂


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  • Matsu

    I’m using Wavelog 2 and it has nothing to do with version 1. It’s like a completely new app. Much better than scribe! Check on

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