Make Money in Online Casinos? – You decide

Hi all, now this is an odd one for me to be writing about but bare with me and see if what I could say sounds feasible or not.

A friend sent me a link to a site yesterday which seemed too good to be true, it described a “system” for roulette, it described it very badly indeed but I could make sense of it. It quite simpled works (it seems) by betting purely on one colour (obviously either black or red), starting with a £1 bet, if you win, switch colour and start with a £1 bet again, if you lose, double the bet on the same colour, and keep on doubling the bet every time you lose on that colour, eventually you will win, and you will not only cover the loses so far on that colour, but you will be in profit. Once you win, switch colour and start again from your £1 bet.

Now it sounds simple enough, bet £1 on red – lose, bet £2 on red – lose, bet £4 on red – win, bet £1 on black – lose, bet £2 on black – win, bet £1 on red…… etc etc etc

The theory behind this “system” is a very simple one, if you lose you double your bet – this means that your next bet is covering your previous loss thus you are not actually losing anything by it, eventually you will win, covering your previous losses and making a small profit.

Now the switching of colour when you win – to me this seems a bit crazy, remember that roulette is a game of chance, statistically on every bet (When you are playing only black / red) you have a 1 in 2 chance of winning, so whether you constantly cover a colour until you win, then switch or you change every time shouldn’t make any difference to the payout of this “system”.

The badly written site did give a few caveat’s to it’s use though, which I think are just common sense really, the biggest one is to not go too big on any one session, win upto £100 or £150 max, otherwise you’ll be flagged up to the online casinos and most probably be banned – maybe from all of them depending on if they have a ban mandate between them all or not – I don’t know. Also don’t play one online casino day in day out, they do (apparently) take notice of playing habits and they may well pick you out of the crowd for following a ruleset such as this. One other thing is to not using this sort of betting strategy in a physical casino – I’m guessing because it’s well know and they would possibly eject you from the premises – not a good ending to a night out – anyway, I’ve never even seen inside a casino, so I don’t know if you’d care or not lol

Now I’m not a betting man myself, but peoples “systems” fascinate me, mostly because alot of the time people are convinced that because of a certain strategy (Such as the switching from black to red in this one) that they increase their odds of winning, where as statistically it doesn’t alter the outcome at all because they always have nearly a 1 in 2 chance (Ok, I know that there is also zero (green) and in american roulette we have double zero (also green) which means that you have something like 47% chance of it landing on black or red, but the process does seem to work – but like I say I”m not a betting man, I simply tried it on a free play site, no money of mine was going to be risked on gambling lol.

Using this “system” you increase your money by your initial bet amount once you win on the colour you are sticking on, so there are two ways to increase the amount you win on any one colour betting sequence, eith you can increase your inital bet and keep on doubling, or you could (if you are brave or have lots of money) triple or quadruple your bets each time – the only issue is that you could find yourself out of money on a run before you have a win on that colour.

So there it is, a system found, a modification for the high rollers out there, and some words of warning so that you hopefully don’t get banned lol.

Anyway, like I said, statistically I like the way this plays out, although I’m sure one of the other editors will pick me up on not including loads of mathematics, but that’s ok, he’s the math’s genius – not me – eh theDoc? 😉

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  • I was leaving a comment here and it was getting a bit long so I did a new post on this subject instead.

  • Bryan

    Like all businesses, pop music, horse racing or whatever it’s the ‘men in suits’ that you don’t see that control it all. I recall about 40 years ago when I was a teenager a friend telling me of his infallible system for beating the odds at horse racing and later my father-in-law telling me of many a scheme to make money. I started to refer to them all as ‘get poor quick’ schemes. All of these schemes are in essence the same i.e. double your bet until you win. If you sit with a pencil and paper for five minutes (or a calculator if you must) you’ll see that it does work. The question is how far are you prepared to go ? The men in suits at the on line casinos are of course are well aware of this ‘system’ and whether or not they will ban you for using it depends I suppose on their own calculations. I am not a gambling man myself but I must confess that I have tried the play for fun casinos using the system and it does seem to work. After a very short time however you tend to become ‘greedy’. The fact that its virtual money probably has a bearing on how you play but I can see immediately that some people, particularly those already hooked on gambling could lose a lot of money. I’m given to understand that some credit card companies won’t sanction payments to on line casinos for this very reason. Is this the calculation that the ‘men in suits’ make in the on line casinos that will allow it ?

  • Harry

    Make no mistake, Bryan is quite right. Its, as he puts it ‘the men in suits’ who win every time, or at least enough times to make them the overall winner. The double or quits principle when applied to an evens bet has no winners in the long term. What gives the on line casinos an edge is the zero or in American roulette the double zero. In European roulette you have about a 47.5% chance of winning assuming you stick to the double or quits principle. This means that the casino has a 52.5% chance, so over a period of time and a number of people who’s going to win ?
    It’s interesting to have a look at He tells you all about it for free, he just asks for a donation if you win – WHY? If its such a cast iron plan why doesn’t he keep quiet and make a fortune with a few selected friends instead of asking YOU for donations ?
    I too have heard of the horse racing can’t lose scheme but in this case there are far more variables to make it anything other than luck.
    Final note: does anybody remember Horrace Bachelor circa 1965 (ish) Yet another ‘get poor quick’ scheme.

  • These get rich schemes very rarely work… and the property market has been seen to be one of the few where it’s been possible (but not without risk). Steady profit in line with inflation and ahead of the base rate is the best bet… I will be dealing with this in the above and at What amuses me about these getrich gurus they always demand a payment and have a need to tell you how rich they are… if only.

  • Ryan

    I agree with Harry however only to a certain degree. I have been using the martingale system except with a twist for quite some time with good success. The docsmoney system does work however I find it frustrating that he has claimed he “found” the system when in fact the system has been around for 100+ years and is called the martingale. Roulette is a game that can be beat long term however you do need a large bankroll and a table with no limit to do it. Harry no disrespect but the 0, “house advantage” in European roulette really only applies to each single bet, it does not mean you will loose in the long term. To anyone using the docs system I would advise that you use it with care and not get greedy.
    Harry you are on the money with the horse racing! Anyone with a system for that needs their head checked..

  • Alex

    Interesting reading. I signed up to the docsmoney site last night and registered with 3 casino’s.
    The first one I quickly won £24 and bailed out. 2nd one I spend 20 minutes and raked in £54 of profit, and again using the £1 chip and 20 minute rule, won £62 on the 3rd.
    So for approx. 1 hours play in 3 casino’s I won £140 using the Docsmoney system.
    Now to be honest last night was my first play, I am going to apply the rules as I have been caught out in the past with spreadbetting etc, when I have upped my stake and been hammered.
    £100 every few days would be very nice to me, I am not here to rack in a quick £50k and give my job up ! (I think this mentality will finish you off a very poor man).
    Anyway so far so good, very early days though so will see what the next few weeks bring and hope to update you all then.

  • Adrian

    I spent £100 in and they gave me another £100 bonus to make £200 to use.
    Under the bonus rules you have to wager this £200 50x i.e. £10000 before you can withdraw it.
    Anyway I increased my balance to £315 and then bet £1 on red, to my amazement on the next 8 spins were all black! so on the 9th spin I didnt have enough money to double up my bet i.e £256. so I went back down to £60 and eventually lost all of my money!
    I just felt that perhaps I was being watched and they decided to fix the game for me!
    Either that or I was extremely Unlucky.
    I will never Know!
    Just be careful.

  • kevin

    Adrian’s experience is right on, re ” Martingale ” double up systems and their variations.

    In the end they do not work. Two reasons .. table limits, so you can only double up until you hit that wall, which does not take long. Second reason .. if you play for and hour or even less, you will soon hit a run of 8 against you as Adrian did. Runs of 8 are not uncommon. Neither are runs of 10 – 12 – 14 – 15 etc. They happen and in those long runs, zeros can enter too. And are you brave enough to take on a run even of 8 against you ?

    Ive tried the Martingale system many times in practice mode at online casinos, and a couple of times Ive tried it in land based casinos. Got caught every time. As for online casinos i believe you may experience some success in practice mode, because the runs against you will not be too long .. say up to a run of 5 or 6. But as soon as you switch to real money, then you’ll start seeing runs of 7 – 8 or 10 against you, and they are scary !! just look at the numbers ! 1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 – 128 – 256 – 512 – 1024! All to make just $1 per go ! No thanks.

    With all my practice i did discover a useful variation. I found its best not to stay with the one color until you win, because if you do that, you risk hitting long color runs against you of the other color. For example suppose i make a start after an new appearance of black. I enter for black 2. but instead of black 2, i get red. Rather than stay with black i immediately change to red. If red happens to go to say, red 6, Ive collected some nice profit, and Ive avoided having that run of 6 red against me. On the whole Ive found its better to change than to try and stick with the original color i started with.

    The danger is of course, that when i change to red, black might appear again .. then red .. then black etc. . but these types of single runs happen less frequently than color runs. But they do happen ! So in the end its just not possible to avoid long runs against you .. and this is where the double up Martingale system fails. Its true to say it is a quick path to poverty, rather than a quick path to wealth. For this reason i don’t believe you’ll actually have a casino ban you for using Martingale. In fact they’ll smile quietly to themselves, knowing it will only be a short time before they have all of your money.

    After many months of trying every strategy i could think of and trying some other strategies i read online that sounded promising .. i discovered some had merit, but all failed .. eventually.

    The good news is, i may have just found something at last, my own variation on something, that is so damn simple its laughable. The devil is in the details as usual, and as its very new, i’m still testing. But its looking promising. The method uses level betting, so there’s no question of dramatically increasing the size of your bet, and you have a set pre-determined profit to aim for.

    If things go your way you can make $100 or $200 in 10 minutes ( or $300 or $500, it just depends on the size of your bet ) and its actually a good thing to finish quickly. That’s part of the plan, because if you hang around longer than you need to, you’ll find your profit disappearing again. It will come back after a while but why waste time. Its best in any case to work for just 15- 20 minutes a day and leave with your profit before the casino starts paying you too much attention. If things don’t go your way at first, all you need is patience, until you hit your mark.

    Ive tried the method in several online casinos in the last few days and its worked every time, including online casinos with live dealers. What i want to do now is test it in a land based casino.

    best to all .. kevin

  • Hoagy

    I signed up and played in 3 sessions and lost £350…..+ 100 offer.. and was wiped out by the unique continuous number.

    Playing by chance I was ahead £300 after a 2 hour session,then in the second session of some 4 hours was down about the same and then played a session of I played and ended up just over the same amount down.In my 3rd and final session i played and was about £750 up before being hit with the continuous unique number run and wiped out.

    It was my 1st experience and left me cold thinking it was “not possible”…but seemingly this IS possible.

    I have tried the Martingale system in practice and it does work..though I notice the return in practise is confusing…saying “Win” when I lose and not paying winnings in practice.

    I accept Roulette is a game of chance and I was reckless, but this martingale system is the only one that looks safe & steady and winnable,and will be playing no more than 1 hour at a time in future.

    Does anyone know if main online Casino’s have banned this for sure?….after all it’s legal

    Good Luck to all

  • Tom

    The online casinos won’t ban the martingale system, they make too much money out of the suckers who try it. In one play for fun session I had a run of 13 reds. Who would be brave enough to play that one out with real money? You can find this system all over the internet for free and they make it sound so tempting to have a go but the odds are always stacked against you even if it is by only 2 or 3 percent. Maybe it’s the online casinos who are behind the sites that give away the big secret of this system, who knows?

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