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Powerdropping.com is a new site that has come out of the new online business card craze of entrecard’s.

Powerdropping.com gives you a list of the 300 fastest loading EntreCard sites in order of loading speed, and utilizing this list you can drop your card onto some of the quickest EC sites out there, increasing your EC credits and also helping to enhance the EC network.

One thing to remember when dropping your card is that it is polite to read the sites latest posting and comment before dropping your card, this gives you a chance to see what others are writing and also gives you a chance to slowly but surely increase your backlinks (As long as you don’t spam or drop irrelavent links everywhere).

Powerdropping is now one of my first points of call each day, and slowly but surely I’m trying my best to make sure that our site can become one of the top 300 quickest loading sites to appear on there too, see you soon, and if you’re an Entrecard’er, please feel free to drop your card on the EntreCard widget at the top of the right sidebar! I’ll do my best to reciprocate the drop and link too.


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