Bye Bye Virgin Media ADSL – and good riddance!

Right, I’m probably right now writing one of my last blog entries via my absolutely terrible Virgin Media ADSL connection, and may I say that I will hopefully never look back 🙂

After balling about them back in October about their worse than useless latency and bandwidth, I’ve done lots of research into other providers.  PlusNet were one of the front runners, but one of my friends has since been having problems with latency of VOIP across their network resulting in >1 second delays etc, so I had to put them to one side.  I searched alot, and read huge amounts of peoples comments, reviews, babblings etc and after cutting the wheat from the chaff I think I’ve stumbled upon the solution which will work best for me.

The solution is that I have found a wholesale internet provider, one who gives good support, who keep there outbound link bandwidth in line with their customer base so that you don’t find yourself being severely bottle-necked during the so-called “Busy” evening periods, and also doesn’t require a long contract term – in fact, nothing more than a 30 day notice, no hidden charges, no migration fees – pretty much the ideal provider – apart from one thing, you can’t, as a normal customer, go up to them and open an account, migrate your service and be happy, thats because they are a wholesale internet provider, meaning that they only deal with companies, companies who’s aim is to sell their service onto end consumers like you or I…..

So, after discussions with people behind the scenes here I decided that my company would endeavour to register as a partner with the wholesale internet provider, and so we have, now we are waiting until 23:43 on the 12th of Feb to see that our service does indeed go live as stated, and that the service is all it’s cracked up to be.

Once we have made sure that we are indeed happy, and that there are no pitfalls I haven’t yet seen, I will then be releasing an ADSL service to the general public, one which provides very fair packages and fair prices, and gives a quality service to all customers – but more about that as it happens in the future 😉

If you would possibly be interested in a new reliable service – especially you Virgin Media ADSL customers out there, please join the site and leave a comment, I’ll then be able to update you when the service goes live for all.

I’ll post a follow up to this article as soon as I’ve been able to connect with my new adsl details, here’s hoping 🙂


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