So which is the best blu-ray player?

Now that the format war is over and we can all stop holding back, its time to consider which blu-ray player to buy. Here are the main contenders;

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XP – When cdrom’s disappear

Don’t you just hate it, you go round to somebodies house,and they mention that they could do with a little help with a problem on their computer and then a while later you’re still sitting there scratching your head LoLWell today was one of those days, but thankfully an answer was forthcoming very quickly 🙂

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Toshiba to cease production of HD-DVD

Reuters has picked up a story from Japanese broadcaster NHK that Toshiba is planning to stop production of HD-DVD compatible hardware, allowing the competing Blu-Ray format a clear run. The news follows a series of announcements over recent days that major online and high street retailers will no longer support the HD-DVD format, the most . . . → Read More: Toshiba to cease production of HD-DVD

The online roulette system

I was leaving a comment on the previous Roulette system and it started to look a little bit long so I decided to do a new post.

I’m interested to see if anyone else gives this a try. I tried it out on Casino Splendido (not with real money of course (yet?) 😉 ). My . . . → Read More: The online roulette system

Make Money in Online Casinos? – You decide

Hi all, now this is an odd one for me to be writing about but bare with me and see if what I could say sounds feasible or not.

A friend sent me a link to a site yesterday which seemed too good to be true, it described a “system” for roulette, it described it . . . → Read More: Make Money in Online Casinos? – You decide

Bye Bye Virgin Media ADSL – and good riddance!

Right, I’m probably right now writing one of my last blog entries via my absolutely terrible Virgin Media ADSL connection, and may I say that I will hopefully never look back 🙂

After balling about them back in October about their worse than useless latency and bandwidth, I’ve done lots of research into other providers. . . . → Read More: Bye Bye Virgin Media ADSL – and good riddance!

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