Datawind Pocketsurfer2

“Mobile internet finally becomes a reality”

That’s the claim of Datawind, manufacturers of the Pocketsurfer2.


Pocketsurfer2 is a handheld device that delivers the full power and original graphic intensity of the internet rapidly and wirelessly to the palm of your hand. The PocketSurfer 2 has its own in-built GPRS antenna and SIM card which means it can connect itself straight to the mobile network to get you online immediately, you don’t need any other bits and pieces at all, just get it out of the box and go! You are not dependent on WIFI access and no Bluetooth connection with a mobile phone is needed either.

The PocketSurfer2 allows you to browse the web in its original HTML layout, with full graphics, Java support and other complex web functionality on a 640 x 240 colour widescreen display. An integrated mouse pointer and a full format, backlit QWERTY keyboard must make it one of the most usable hand-held web device around. The rich user experience of the PocketSurfer2 offers a real alternative to consumers tired of the limited functionality, unfamiliar content and small screens on mobile phones or Smartphone’s.

It doesn’t hang about either, with page-load times of under seven seconds over GPRS thanks to over GPRS thanks to Datawind’s compression technology, you’ll be flying around the web just as you would at your desk. Comparative devices regularly take up to two minutes to download similar web pages.

The Pocketsurfer has 5 hours battery life for active usage, and 5 days standby, so you can actively manage your time surfing the net while you are on the road. It has a built in-high performance antenna, so it will pick up signal strength whilst you are an receiveable areas.

It also has a transreflective backlit display, which you allow you to use the Pocketsurfer later on at night, whether you are using whilst travelling home on the train at night or just at home in the evening.

For the first year you receive 20 hours per month usage free of charge so you can use it out-of-the-box for 12 months without paying a penny and to use it for the next year will cost as little as £40! For users that need more usage you can upgrade to an unlimited usage plan for £5.99 per month.

DataWind’s free-usage model eliminates the complexity of purchasing mobile web devices by eliminating lengthy contractual payments, activation fees and credit checks. With the PocketSurfer2, you pay for the device not the usage. The PocketSurfer2 can be activated by the user right out of the box and is ready to use shortly thereafter. Best of all, for the average user, there are no monthly fees. Free usage for the PocketSurfer2 is available everywhere your mobile phone works.

So if you want to keep yourself up to date with all the latest news, emails and social networking sites then try it out for yourself, it will keep yourself occupied on the way home from your daily commute or if you are out and about and you can’t bear to be away from it at all, the Pocketsurfer opens the door to the World Wide Web for you!

The Datawind PocketSurfer2 – Portable Internet Device is available at Amazon for a price of £173.98 which considering this includes 20 hours per month usage could offer mobile internet users a worthwhile saving.

Tech Spec:

Quad Band GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

Internal high performance antenna

Transreflective backlit display

Mini USB charging port

Mouse pointer

Full Qwerty backlit display

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery

Weight – 174g

5 Hours active usage – 5 days standby

Size – 152 x 75 x 15mm

GPS location information

Ability to load web pages in under 7 seconds

4 comments to Datawind Pocketsurfer2

  • Astek

    try for more info on pocketsurfer2

  • Pocketsurfer: A Mobile Internet Device

    Mobility to go online is in your pocket and that’s true with the pocketsurfer, what amazes me is the speed to load web pages, yet giving the real web which I haven’t experienced with n number of PDAs that I have tried so far. Its uniqueness is portability, speed and it’s very affordable, you don’t have to think of any contracts with service providers with the pocketsurfer, internet is as good as free with it.

  • margaret


  • My pocket surfer2 has run out of time, I would like to have more time added

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