PS3 UK vs USA pricing – ripoff Britain

Sorry if you’re tired of hearing about ripoff Britain, but this has really got my goat!

In the USA you can now get (From the PS3 40GB Spider-Man Movie Pack for only $399.99, where as on Amazon UK we can get the plain PS3 40GB console on it’s own for £299.99 – does this sound fair? I think not…..

If you do a currency conversion at the moment via you’ll find that the Dollar price converts to only £196.45 – compare this to the price of £299.99 – now do you feel this is fair?

Why is it that constantly we get ripoff pricing in the UK? are we too small a player in the worldwide consumer electronics markets? I personally think not,  so why oh why oh why do we pay so much more – even now when the exchange rate is so high between GBP and USD….

Grrrrrrrr……… rant over.


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