I’ve got my Amateur Radio Licence – Finally :-)

Yes, I can’t quite believe it but, after my call to OfCom yesterday, and then an email off to the RSGB as well, I got a reply telling me that they had just done the detail transfer over to OfCom and that if I retried they were sure I’d be successful this time.

So, I logged on to the online licencing system, and miracle of miracles – I was able to proceed with my foundation licence application, but then onto my next problem – the callsign.

As this is only my foundation licence and I will be progressing as quickly as possible through the intermediate to the advance licence I shouldn’t have taken as much time as I did over choosing a callsign – but then, thats just me I guess.  After an hour on the phone to a G7 mate of mine I finally decided upon M3VAO, which reads nicely both normally and phonetically.

So there we go, now I’ve got the licence I can start testing out some of my HF antenna designs and start having some fun talking through the local repeaters whilst out and about.

Superb, only 1 year and 2 weeks after starting the course (LoL I dare someone to ask why it’s taken sooo long) I’m finally licenced – WHOOOP! 🙂


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