Track day at Croix

I arrived home Tuesday early evening shattered after a few days away in France. The purpose of the trip was a track day at Croix circuit, about 60 miles from Calais. The track day was organised by BHP Trackdays and it was a well run relaxed day with friendly people. Most of the cars there were Caterhams and 8 cars went on the same crossing to convoy down together.

I went down with a friend of mine in his Caterham R300 which meant leaving at 6:30am on Sunday morning to get down to his dad’s house near Dartford where I would leave the car and squeeze the gear into the R300. It’s a good job I know how to travel light what with two people, two sets off luggage for 3 days and two crash helmets. Most of the gear fitted in the small “boot” area leaving a small rucksack each which went on the floor under our legs up front.

Although I have been in the R300 a few times at track days and for a short trip on the road this was to be the first time I had been on a long trip in one. Although quite loud I have to say I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all and would gladly take one on a much longer trip ( south of France for example). This could definitely be done as long as crash helmets were not needed.

After a meal out on Sunday night we were up again at 7:30 to head down to the track. A good time was had by all and there were no incidents. I had some passenger rides in various cars and also spent some time taking photos. Monday night was out for another organised meal which is a great night out and gives everyone an opportunity to talk together about the days antics. After alot to drink it was back to the accommodation which for many was the infamous Loubarre B&B run by the eccentric but very friendly owner.

The infamous Loubarre B&B

My room mate and I had gone to the supermarket at lunch time and stocked up the fridge with beers. This led to most people staying there piling in to our 3 bed gite for more banter and drinks.

After getting to bed at about 2am we had to get up again at 8:15 for breakfast before setting off to get back for the ferry. So after 3 late nights and 3 early mornings it was back to Blighty. This trip is organised every 6 months or so and if you are in to track days in any way it is definitely worth the effort. The consequences of me going along in the R300 instead of taking my own car is that I now want to get a Caterham even more. I just need to earn the pennies now……


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