Local Nights Out goes green

With the Government’s Energy White Paper aiming to cut carbon emissions up to 60% by 2050, every business in the UK is feeling the strain of reducing their carbon footprint. But, here at Localnightsout.com, we have made a serious commitment to our customers and the environment.

We are pledging to plant a tree for every new paid advert taken out on our website, so businesses can now reduce their carbon footprint while promoting themselves in a green and effective way. Plus, we are also committed to considerably reducing our own carbon emissions.

Localnightsout.com has two objectives – we want our users to have constant access to the best information for all their leisure and entertainment needs. If they need concert tickets, limousine hire or a hotel room in their local area, our website is the one-stop-shop. But we also care about the environment. That’s why we’ve worked hard to implement a whole range of initiatives, which means we are already carbon growth neutral.

The first issue we had to address was the amount of carbon produced by hosting and managing our website. We realised that a typical web server can generate over 2 tonnes of carbon per year, so we looked for effective ways to significantly reduce this amount.

The solution was to join a shared server with 92 other companies. This means that the 2 tonnes of CO2 produced by the server is spilt between each of the companies, reducing their annual production to only 0.022 tonnes per year.

As well as lowering the carbon emissions of our website, we have taken into account a number of other factors when offsetting our carbon footprint, including lighting and air-conditioning in the data centres. In assessing every factor that could contribute to running the company, we have offset a significantly higher carbon footprint of 4.5 tonnes. By setting a higher target we are confident of covering all aspects of our website hosting and more.

So how did we go about actually offsetting the CO2 we produce? We began by making a donation to Blue Ventures Carbon Offset (BVCO), a not-for-profit carbon offsetting programme.

We wanted to donate to a really proactive company and see the results of our contributions. BVCO’s open expeditions mean that anyone can see the offset in action, and because they are verified by an independent body we can be certain our donations are going towards combating climate change.

In addition to offsetting the CO2 produced by the hosting of the website, Localnightsout.com also pledge to plant a tree in a British woodland or forest for every new paid display taken out on Localnightsout.com. All customers are issued with a certificate confirming the planting.

For this we have chosen Growaforest, a not-for-profit company aimed at improving the state of our planet, to undertake the planting of our customers’ trees. Growaforest is run by volunteers, using every penny generated to plant native trees and make the forests available for everyone to enjoy.

What is perhaps most surprising is that the cost of all these initiatives doesn’t impact on customers’ budgets. The carbon offsetting steps we are taking don’t simply benefit our own company’s carbon footprint, but also those of every company that takes out an ad with us.

What all this means is that rather than just being carbon growth neutral we can actually make a positive impact on the environment and climate change by being carbon growth negative.

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