I’ve got my Amateur Radio Licence – close but no cigar :-(

Well, after being a little bit hacked off this morning I decided to contact OfCom to see if there were any problems with my application and/or my candidate number, and to my suprise I got hold of a very helpful bloke who said that all was ok and we started going through my choices of callsigns. Fantastic I thought… although after alot of different callsign ideas – which all turned out to be already allocated – I was getting a bit despondent about the whole thing, then we tried a random one and it sounded ok, tripped off the tough quite easily and so I said yes to it. He told me to give it 15 mins so that he could sort it out on the systems his end, and that then I should be able to log into the online licence system and see my new licence there.

Oh how happy I was – for about 2 minutes.

The phone rang, and yes it was the guy from OfCom, telling me that they hadn’t infact had the data pushed through from the RSGB yet, and so that callsign wasn’t yet allocated to me, and that I should simply keep trying online, maybe this afternoon, or tomorrow, or possibly over the weekend, or maybe the start of next week. Bugger, yet again, I almost was licenced, but now I’m back to waiting, and my patience isn’t holding up well at this point, I mean, OfCom have spent loads to create this great online licencing system, but when it comes to an organisation feeding into this it seems that simply time isn’t of the essence.

I’ll try and be patient once again.

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