Oh when will I get my radio licence?

This is the question I’ve been asking myself and others since Thursday when I passed my Foundation Amateur Radio exam.

The process is apparently as follows – On the night we took the exam the papers were marked and we got our results, then the papers were sent by post to the RSGB (The Radio Society of Great Britain), the RSGB then check and process the papers and tell OfCom (The body who looks after radio communications within the UK). OfCom then updates their systems and I should be able to then simply type my RSGB candidate number into the online lifetime licence system and hay presto! I should have a licence.

Now I do say should, but this system seems to not be working as well as expected, now some may say it’s simply down to the postal strikes, but I have read on a few sites around the place where people recently have passed on a saturday and got their licence and callsign by the following Tuesday – DURING the postal strikes – so whats happening now? I haven’t got a clue, but I recon that it’s just yet another thing that for no real reason is going wrong just for me LoL – either that or the RSGB are on a go-slow for exam candidates who aren’t also RSGB members (Membership currently is £44 – for what exactly?) – but that’s sounding too much like a conspiracy theory LoL.

Anyway, I will wait as patiently as I ever can, and keep trying the OfCom online system a couple of times a day until it works.

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